Online Help is strictly a trade website supplying goods directly to retailers.

How to register for a wholesale account.

It is possible for anyone to view this website and its products immediately, however to see the wholesale prices and use the ordering system you must first register for a wholesale account. Once we have received your business details we will be in contact and provide you with your exclusive username and password. At this point you will be able to have full access to the website.

Viewing Products.

On the Home page you have two main options. To the left you can find all our products arranged by category. You will see that when you select some categories they are further divided into sub-categories, once again select the sub-category you wish to view in the same way as you chose the main category.

Another way to view products is to use the search bar at the top right. This will take you straight to specific products that relate to the word you entered in the search bar.

When you see a product you like just select it and you will then have the option of enlarging the image, there may also be further images relevant to this product, and additional information.

Product Packs & Sets.

Please note when a product says for example (Pack of 4) or (Set of 2) this is what you will receive for the purchase price shown.

For example in the Dot Painted Carvings category you will see:

Aboriginal Butterfly 22cmx15cm Mixed Colours (Pack of 4).

Our Price: £10.00.

So if you order a quantity of one, you will receive one pack of four and be charged £10.00.

Products in packs or sets can not be sold individually.

This is a Pallet ONLY product.

Please note products marked with this icon Pallet ONLY Product can only be sent out on palletised deliveries. If you choose to add these products to your order, your Shopping Basket will automatically calculate and advise you on additional carriage charges if applicable.

Ordering Products.

Once you have selected a product you will see a box on the right hand side of the page. Here you can enter the quantity you would like, and then add them to your Basket. At this point you will be shown your Basket. You now have a number of options...

  1. Delete the product you just ordered.
  2. Update Basket. (Change quantity of any item ordered).
  3. Proceed to Checkout. (Confirm purchases and proceed to online payment).
  4. Return to product page and continue shopping.

If you choose to return to the product page and continue shopping, just carry on selecting products you would like to order, enter the quantities, and add them to your Basket.

You will also see that your Shopping Basket calculates and advises you on carriage charges, at anytime it tells you how much you are required to spend to get free carriage, providing you are not already above the carriage paid value.

Please note you can return to your Basket at anytime by selecting the Basket icon at the top right side of the page. It is also possible to go straight to Checkout using the Checkout icon also at the top right side of the page.


When you have completed your order select the checkout option, and follow the online payment instructions.

Happy Browsing!

Remember if you have any questions about us or our products please feel free to call on 01638 713777. You are also welcome to place your order over the telephone or by email

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